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Rovner Alto Saxophone Ligature (X-1RL)

Rovner Alto Saxophone Ligature (X-1RL)

$ 60.97

Versa x ligature for hr alto sax MPC Gold. The groundbreaking versa-x is for any serious player seeking the ultimate in a high-performance ligature with universal appeal. Its performance-enhancing attributes shine in any musical setting. Classical players most often choose to cover the cradle, but for those times when acoustics are poor, or when the orchestra is overpowering the Soloist, exposing the cradle offers unexpected benefits. Conversely, jazz/rock/blues players performing in amplified settings generally prefer an exposed cradle, but when the setting is intimate or a Ballad is on the Set list, a covered cradle offers added warmth for soulful expression.
  • Dark, rich, focused, versatile
  • Repositionable flaps and a high-grade metal alloy cradle provide versatility
  • Allows the player to explore an enhanced tonal spectrum
  • Incredible Evenness of scale and locked-in intonation
  • Projection and control through every register

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