About Us & FAQ

Hi, I'm Ron Meyer, owner of Starving Students Music Supplies and as you see from the picture, I am also a musician (I'm the guy on bari sax)  I hadn't played since my school days but picked the instrument back up in the '90's and have been playing ever since.

Back in the '90's I noticed one thing; this refound hobby was very expensive?  The prices for reeds, mouthpieces, and other musical accessories was out of this world.  So like any other American, I turned to the internet, specifically Ebay to find these items at better prices.  It was not long when I started discovering suppliers who had this stuff at ridiculously low prices and were willing to put me on as a re-seller.  A new career was born!

I have been doing this now for almost 20 years.  Along the way I found what everyone was looking for.  People were looking for deals!  At Starving Students Music Suppliers,  I have combined these deals into my web store.  Try NOT to think of this as your typical music store.  Think of this as your "Odd Lots" of a music store.  I will have items at great prices or some items that are new and interesting and deserving of your "look-see".

Come on look around especially if you are looking for a deal.  If you are looking for something in particular, drop me a note and I will see what I can find for you.  Welcome!


Order Processing Time 

Please allow 1 to 2 business days for your order.   We make every effort to fulfill you order as soon as possible

How We Ship

We ship most orders, both domestic and international, by USPS.  Most of the time it takes 2 to 8 business days for domestic shipments.  Shipping costs will be site calculated before purchase.  


We accept all returns within 30 days from date of purchase.   We can charge up to a 20% restocking fee.   You will be responsible for return postage.

How to Contact Us

You can leave a message on this website which we will respond to in 24-48 hours.   You can also email as at  squealydan@starvingstudentsmusic.com or leave a message at 513-535-1530  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.