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Fibracell Saxophone Reeds, Strength 2 (FCTSP2)

Fibracell Saxophone Reeds, Strength 2 (FCTSP2)

$ 25.95

Fibracell reeds have been available in retail outlets worldwide for over 14 years. Top players in the business depend on Fibracell reeds for the best sound and feel around. Fibracell material is a sophisticated composite of aerospace materials designed to precisely duplicate the way Nature constructs reed cane. Very stiff but sound absorbing Aramid fibers are suspended in a light weight resin formulation.
  • Brilliant overtones for a full, vibrant, resonant tone
  • Quick response for better articulation
  • Excellent pitch stability and intonation in all ranges, even for clarinet
  • The same "woody" tone as cane but with better sound projection

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