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Yamaha Regular Synthetic Valve Oil, 60ml

Yamaha Regular Synthetic Valve Oil, 60ml

$ 11.97

Yamaha drew upon decades of experience manufacturing horns for some of the most demanding players in the world to create a line of 100% synthetic oils designed specifically for musical instruments. In addition to producing smooth action and fast response, the oils protect valves and valve casings from corrosion with a long-lasting coating on pistons and other moving components.
  • Regular viscosity formula is good for all around use in any piston valves.
  • 60ml dropper-top bottle with a childproof cap.
  • Yamaha synthetic valve oil is more consistent than traditional oils, giving it better stability in different temperatures.
  • In addition to a smoother feel, you will also be adding to the life of your instrument thanks to a powerful corrosion inhibitor contained in the oil.
  • Designed for trumpets, mellophones, flugelhorns, baritones, euphoniums, tubas, or any other piston-valve brass instrument.

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