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Reka Cleaning Set - Trombone

Reka Cleaning Set - Trombone

$ 7.99

Reka Cleaning Set - Trombone  

REKA Cleaning Sets, you have the perfectly suited materials for fast, easy, comfortable,and above all complete care of any brass instrument, thus retaining optimal playing qualities and maximizing longevity. Each Cleaning Set includes multiple parts (depending on the instrument), of which the most important is the sponge rubber swab. This tool is matched to the inside bore of the instrument and pulled easily through every tube and crook for effective removal of all foreign substances. Cleaning the sharpest bends and even the short sections between valve casings is no problem.REKA makes everything you need to keep your instrument in perfect playing condition. With brass instruments, regular and thorough inner cleaning is a must. Residues enter the instrument during playing. With time, they alter the dimensions of the air passageways, which disturbs the instrument’s playing qualities, and they chemically attack the inside of the tubing, corroding the metal over time. These residues also influence the flow of air through the instrument and even affect how the metal vibrates. With the materials available until now, properly cleaning the INSIDE of a brass instrument has not been possible.

•cleaning cord for tubes
•conical mouthpiece brush

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